The Crew

Writer and Creator, Matt Mallon

Matt Mallon is currently enrolled as a sophomore at the University of Southern California, where he is majoring in Writing for Screen and Television in the School of Cinematic Arts.

He is the recipient of a USC Trustee Scholarship, a Lambda Alumni Scholarship in Cinematic Arts, a USC Alumni of St. Louis Scholarship, and a Jean Paul Ohadi Scholarship for LGBT youth.

Matt Mallon's professional website can be reached here. A digital pitch for Matt's feature film concept can be reached here. He can be contacted at

Writer and Creator, Vickie Toro

Vickie Toro is a senior at USC, studying Cinema-TV Critical Studies and Narrative Studies. As such - that is, as she is constantly reminded by her no-nonsense, anti-artsy-fartsy mother - in future years you will probably be able to find her by following the clues cleverly laid-out in various urban "myths" about a woman who masochistically lives with dozens her sinus' archnemeses (cats) in her rundown, one-room apartment. Indeed, her lifelong battle with cat allergies will not be able to stifle her need to play Scrabble, tell embarrassing childhood stories and jokes, and make obscure references to Jane Austen novels or Harry Potter or "16 and Pregnant" ; especially as the unlikelihood of such things as "marriage," "a successful writing career," and "healthy life choices" will probably mean that cats will be her only potential source of unconditional love. Or forced friendship. Her favorite words are "douche" and "fancy." If you would like to get in touch with her before she disappears into hermit-hood, you can reach her at

Director, Lila Scott

Lila Scott is an aspiring writer/director in the midst of her sophomore year at USC. She is majoring in film production. 

She was honored when offered to direct the pilot episode of Support Group and had a fantastic time working with the funny and fantastic cast and crew.

You can e-mail her at

Cinematographer and Editor, Neil Kimball

Neil Kimball grew up in Atlanta, GA and attends the University of Southern California as a sophomore in the Film Production program.

With his focus on production and post-production, Neil has been overjoyed to work with such a talented and fun crew for Support Group.

If you need to contact Neil, please email him at Thank you and enjoy!

The Cast

Emily Hella as Cunt

Emily-Hella Tsaconas grew up in Northern California’s Bay Area, where she personally discovered the joys of queerness at the ripe old age of fifteen.  She studied classical ballet at Berkeley Ballet Theater, Boston Ballet, and the School of American Ballet before deciding to pursue a post-secondary education at the University of Southern California, where she will soon receive a bachelor’s degree with high honors in Gender Studies and French. 

Anna Lyon as Amber

Anna Lyon is an Anthropology/Italian major from Seattle, Washington, who loves artichokes, houseplants, and baby animals.  She continues to convince herself that she is nothing like Amber in real life, though she was forced to reconsider this when she recently purchased a bottle of bright pink nail polish. She is totally psyched about Support Group because it’s a blast and a half to shoot, and the world needs more web-based gay shows!

Michael Mullen as Dr. Schadenfreude

Michael lives in Hollywood with his two dogs Wally and Lulu (a.k.a. his children) and loves to eat, perform, design clothes, eat, write, watch GENERAL HOSPITAL and GLEE, and eat. (He’s probably eating as you’re reading this.) Michael has performed in and costume designed several productions both on stage and on film throughout Los Angeles. A few of his recent stage acting credits include: PORCELAIN, SYLVIA, WAIT UNTIL DARK, TOOTH AND NAIL, CHRISTMAS CAROL, SOPHISITICATED BROADWAY and OOOOOGY GREEN AND OTHER FABLES (also costume design). Check out his Webby Award honored short film I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN (writer/performer/costume designer) on YouTube.Com along with the web series FRUIT AND FLY(writer/performer/costume designer) and ACTING SCHOOL ACADEMY (performer)….oh and the upcoming web series STALLIONS DE AMOR. You can also check out some of Michael’s fashion design escapades at YouTube.Com/Craigslist where he is a part of  Craigslist T.V…. Michael wants to thank his friends and family for their constant love and support and all the fabulous people working on this show! Mmmmkay!  

Velin Tchalakov as Ned

Velin Tchalakov is a sophomore at the University of Southern California (USC), and although he may be majoring in biomedical engineering, he enjoys all aspects of film, although he primarily focuses on acting. He is currently studying acting as a theatre minor at USC, and has previously studied at The Second City in Chicago and at Acting Studio Chicago. He began acting during high school, reprising such roles as Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors and Chris Keller in All My Sons. At USC he has acted with Brand New Theater and other individual ISP’s.

Luke VandeKieft as Randy


Luke is a 19 year old student in the USC class of '09. A Political Science major, he is active in student government, programs for various student organizations, and currently hopes to attend law school. Luke is a longtime Subway employee and also frequently volunteers as a tech/lighting specialist. Ultimately he hopes to appear on a reality show and later work with the Democratic party. Other interests include piano, video games, reality television, and microwavable food.